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The Project

Flecta is a mirror designed to present its user with a breakdown of the day / week ahead, the goal of the project was to find the cheapest, thriftiest and easiest way to create this.

This project holds a special place in my heart because it required a culmination of a lot of the skills and knowledge I developed over my 3 years at Victoria University School of Design.
 The construction of Flecta involved pulling apart an old computer monitor, laser cutting an acrylic frame, 3D printing housing for the Pi and finally framing the mirror with a repurposed painting frame.
 Flecta displays the day, date, time, weather, upcoming events / reminders and a weekly breakdown at a glance as well as serving as a regular mirror. The graphical user interface was coded in Processing 3 and is capable of pulling live weather information from the web as well as weekly events from an inbuilt calendar system.

The entire project cost me less than $100 USD which until then was the most affordable smart mirror ever made.

My Role

Designer, Coder, Maker


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
+ Processing 3